ComponentOne Studio WinRT XAML(英語版)

Powerful UI and Data Visualization Controls for the Windows Store.

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1996 年より日本国内にてComponentSourceで販売中。

バージョン: 2016 v1 更新日: Mar 17, 2016


The 2016 v1 release was the last major release for ComponentOne Studio WinRT and WindowsPhone Editions. Updates and critical bugs will be provided until March 2017. Development is being continued in the ComponentOne Studio UWP Edition. Current license holders of WinRT and WindowsPhone editions can update to ComponentOne Studio to UWP Edition for free. Please contact

ComponentOne Studio WinRT XAML(英語版)

ComponentOne Studio WinRT XAML Edition includes UI controls for data visualization, layout, input, and more. Based off the popular ComponentOne Silverlight controls and designed to enhance the rich user experience of the WinRT platform, these controls give you powerful and unique functionality to help you build better and more compelling Windows Store apps. ComponentOne Studio WinRT XAML is also available as part of ComponentOne Studio and ComponentOne Ultimate.

Why Choose ComponentOne Studio for WinRT XAML?

Consistent Windows 8 Themes
C1 Studio for WinRT XAML supports the Modern UI design and interaction guidelines specified by Microsoft. By default, each control supports a consistent Windows Store theme and can inherit the dark or light theme set by the user. Deliver uniform apps across devices with confidence.

Filling the Gaps of WinRT
C1 Studio for WinRT XAML provides many controls and features missing from WinRT, such as date/time pickers...


ComponentOne Studio for WinRT adds Numeric Dial
ComponentOne Studio for WinRT adds Numeric Dial
Radial Menu modeled after the OneNote radial menu system.


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