KWizCom Forms について


KWizCom Forms is a SharePoint add-on that turns your existing SharePoint list forms into rich, enhanced web & mobile forms. It enables site owners/administrators to configure the SharePoint list forms and add various types of form features. End users will see the same SharePoint list forms, but with more features. KWizCom Forms includes the following web forms features - Field level permissions, Field level constraints, Dynamic Default values, Field grouping and View level permissions.

KWizCom Forms is 100% SharePoint-Native, which means there's no external designer and new proprietary forms technology.

When using a true SharePoint-native Forms solution you benefit from myriads of features:

  • Effortlessly create dynamic, powerful forms and eliminate the bottleneck that was created in your company by having the "forms experts" develop the forms for your entire team.
  • KWizCom Forms builds on the native SharePoint forms instead of replacing them.  Create powerful forms without having to teach your end-users how to use any new Forms technology, your end-users will keep using the same familiar SharePoint forms.
  • Save time creating new forms, simply enhance the list forms you already have, adding the required web form logic and enhancements in no time.
  • Supports all SharePoint column types - Unlike proprietary Forms solutions (such as InfoPath for example) that support only a fixed set of controls, KWizCom Forms supports all SharePoint columns, so if it works with SharePoint, it will also work with KWizCom Forms.
  • Support custom columns (including those bought from other vendors).
  • Keep the same look & feel as your portal, no separate design required.
  • Same forms for web and mobile, with KWizCom Forms (Enterprise edition) you design your forms once for web and mobile.