TRichView 社の製品
2012 年より日本国内にてComponentSourceで販売中。

価格:¥ 57,200 (税込)〜 バージョン: v8.2.x 新機能 更新日: Sep 13, 2021


Time-limited Special Offer - To mark the updated support for RAD Studio 11 Alexandria, save 11% on all new licenses and renewals of TRichView, ScaleRichView, ReportWorkshop or RVMedia purchased before the end of September 2021.

RVMedia について


RVMedia is a set of Delphi and C++Builder VCL components which allow you to add the following functions to your apps. Receive video from local web cameras and IP-cameras, configure IP-cameras and control their rotation, read sound from a microphone, send and receive video and audio data via the Internet and organize video chats and video conferences (either as directly connected applications or using a client-server model). RVMedia can use GStreamer and FFmpeg libraries to show video streams in advanced formats, such as H.264. (Note: RVMedia does not include neither a source code nor an object code of these libraries. Copyright to GStreamer and FFmpeg belongs to the respective owners. RVMedia uses them under GNU LGPL license v2.1.)

RVMedia includes the following VCL components:

  • TRVCamera – a component for receiving video from different sources (local USB camera, remote IP camera, video file, screen).
  • TRVCamControl – a visual component for controlling camera movement.
  • TRVCamView – a visual component displaying video from TRVCamera or TRVCamReceiver.
  • TRVCamMultiView – a visual component displaying videos from multiple sources.
  • TRVMicrophone – a component for reading sound from a microphone.
  • TRVMicrophoneView – a visual component showing microphone activity.
  • TRVCamSender – a component for sending video (from TRVCamera or TRVCamReceiver) and/or audio (from TRVMicrophone or TRVCamReceiver) to TRVCamReceiver or TRVMediaServer via the network.
  • TRVCamReceiver – a component for receiving video and audio (from TRVCamSender or TRVMediaServer) via the network.
  • TRVMediaServer – a component for sending data (video, audio, commands, files) from multiple TRVCamSenders to multiple TRVCamReceivers via the network.
  • TRVTrafficMeter – a component for displaying traffic charts and statistics.