ActivePDF Server (英語版)

activePDF Server is a scalable PDF printing solution developed for use in high-volume environments. It adds PDF generation capabilities to virtually any enterprise business application; converting anything printable to PDF. Designed from the ground up for server-side processing, activePDF Server outperforms desktop PDF printers claiming to deliver “server” support. Integrating PDF printing into an application is as simple as adding three lines of code.

activePDF Server Key Features:
Server by ActivePDF is a PDF automation component that enables your windows applications to add Print-to-PDF functionality and to PDF-enable your legacy applications.

  • Scalable, high volume PDF generation
  • Designed from the ground-up for server-side processing
  • Enterprise Class performance for multithread simultaneous jobs under stress
  • Virtual Printer technology dynamically creates and removes printers
  • Web based Configuration Manager to configure and control your...


ActivePDF Server v8.1.0
ActivePDF Server v8.1.0
Microsoft Windows Server 2016をサポート
ActivePDF Server 2013 R4.1
ActivePDF Server 2013 R4.1
ActivePDF Server 2013 R4.0
ActivePDF Server 2013 R4.0
Annual Production Licenses (1 Year Term): The Annual License allows you to use the software for a 12 month period for production use only、 execution of the software for the purposes of running day to...

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