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HazemEgypt5 つ星
Hello, I tried many of reporting tools and I think that ActiveReport is the most flexible reporting tool I have ever seen, and RTL support is very good, but I hope to see the designer more enhanced in... 続きを読む


danwUSA1 つ星
We purchased ActiveReports for .NET 1.0 in mid January 2005. Like most companies do, we expected to be notified when an upgrade was available. DataDynamics does not notify you of an upgrade unless you... 続きを読む
HazemEgypt5 つ星
Hello, I tried many of reporting tools and I think that ActiveReport is the most flexible reporting tool I have ever seen, and RTL support is very good, but I hope to see the designer more enhanced in next versions.
andersSweden3 つ星
It works OK and the help file contains a lot of small examples, very good. However, you need to buy the professional edition to get the end-user report designer control, and that will tripple the price... Secondly, a report control is a very important part of most applications and I would not use it without full source code. In my opinion there are other products that are more flexible, include an end-user report designer and come with full source code. If Data Dynamics would add the end-user report designer in the "standard version" and include the source code, I would recommend the control to my friends. As now, there are better controls out there.
Data Dynamics (Reply to danwUSA)5 つ星
When a customer licenses and registers our software, they are entitled to the following: A free upgrade to the next version if the next version is released within 90 days of their purchase Unlimited email and telephone support Access to our forums and our knowledge base Free maintenance builds up to and including service packs for their current version A 50% discount on the next release for a six month period In the case of ActiveReports for .Net, we released 2.0 for public beta testing in September of 2004. We released the product on April 15, 2005. Ever since the beta was released, we prominently announced it on our web site, we advertised it in all of our ads and we sent emails to everyone who opted to be notified of product information. We also announced the expiration of the discount period for three months before it expired. We then released a free service pack to version 2 licensees as soon as possible after VS2005 was released. To avoid SPAMMING our customers, we provide the registering developer with the option to receive product information via email when registering the product and setting up a user account at our web site. Since this is a user driven process, we can not perform this on behalf of a customer, whether the customer emails us or not. Mr. Weese has been thoroughly informed about all of this and yet continues to misrepresent the facts. Further, to this day, he has NOT opted to receive product updates from us via email. In closing, I would like to add that unlike companies such as Microsoft and Business Objects, licensing is our only source of revenue. Our profit margins are not out-of-line with similarly situated companies. Data Dynamics was the first company to deliver a full reporting engine specifically for developers. In doing so, we brought high quality and low prices, including free support, which developers have enjoyed for ten years. We continue to actively fund R&D efforts with the profits earned. We value customer loyalty and try very hard to balance their needs with ours. To that end, we will adjust our policies and practices in the future. Thank you for your time and interest.
danwUSA1 つ星
We purchased ActiveReports for .NET 1.0 in mid January 2005. Like most companies do, we expected to be notified when an upgrade was available. DataDynamics does not notify you of an upgrade unless you email them and ask to be put on a notification list. Nowhere on their site does it tell you that you have to "opt in" to be notified of upgrades. We would have qualified for a discounted upgrade to 2.0, but they only honor that price for 6 months. We missed the free upgrade by 1 day, and since we didn't frequently visit the DataDynamics site, we didn't know 2.0 had been released. Our profile with the company was set to receive email updates, which never happened. After speaking with the President of DataDynamics, he informed us that they would not give upgrade pricing, and we would have to pay full price for a newer version. In my opinion, this policy only serves to alienate the customer in an effort to increase the bottom line. If you buy this product, make sure you email them and ask to be notified about updates, set DataDynamics as your home page, and check every day to make sure you don't get ripped off like we did. We have shelved ActiveReports and purchased Crystal Reports 11 for 1/5th of the price of ActiveReports. We will never use ActiveReports again.
Gerald Koko...[Germany]5 つ星
Hello, after having read g.patterson [United Kingdom] 13-May-2004 Article I thought give Devexpress a chance. I'm using AR for 2 years now. And I'm not 100% satisfied with it. So I check other programs regularly. I also tried Component One and Crystal Reports. None of them is really good (Licence, usability…) After my quick evaluation of Devexpess Reporting I can say: DevEx is good for a quick data orientated report. But try to merge horizontal and landscape reports into one, try to overlay report pages. Try to export the textbox to pdf or html and compare what you see with what you expected…. 90 Points for the editor, 30 p for flexibility, support : don’t know. Overall: 60 p In my opinion AR still remains the best reporting tool for Dot net. It is maybe not as easy to start with, but it is much more flexible and customisable in the end. You can do any size and mixed type reports - the only limit is your RAM. The new version also has a quite good looking charting component included and report class inheritance. 60 p for the editor, 90 for Flexibility, support: 60 p (easy questions 90 p, more difficult questions 30 p) . So in the end I give 70 to 75 Point to Cheers Gerald Try more…
ahmedomar ご購入済みのお客様Egypt5 つ星
We were using another product for reporting our huge amounts of data. We found this good product which solved at least two of our problems: Client printing and Arabic digits printing. When using the trail version, our customer recommend us to change from the old tool to this good one. I hope to use it widly in our Arabic sites, specially when Arabic numbers are printed in correct shapes. Thanks to the support team, and the follow up steps, and regards to all the team behind this product. AZKA National Information Technology, Egypt branch
Michael Mason - DD5 つ星
In response to G. Patterson I would like to extend my apologies on your support experience with ActiveReports for .NET. As a member of the technical support staff I know that we try to provide as much help as possible to get the results you are looking for. Our staff try their best to respond within one business day to any support requests we receive through e-mail or through our online message board system. Regarding the specific problem, I don't know the specifics of how the image data was saved in your database however you should be able to bind our picture control to binary image data in the database (as long as the data is a valid, .NET memorystream type when read back from the database). The control however cannot be bound to a field that simply stores a path to the image on a physical drive somewhere. In that case you would need some code to handle this in your Fetch Data event for the report - the support tech should have helped you in this regard. Again, I am sorry for the experience you had, and I hope if you consider ActiveReports for .NET in the future you do not have the same experience.
g.pattersonUnited Kingdom2 つ星
Although ActiveReports integrates into the .NET environment, I found it extremely fiddly to set up. The process of adding a report to your project and getting it to work for the first time is a lengthy process. What I found most dissapointing about ActiveReports is that it only seems to be good at handling textual data. When you add a field to a report it adds it as a text field, rather than looking at the actual type in the database. For example, I needed to write a report to output images from a database - something which is very easy with Crystal Reports. After emailing DataDynamics support, it became apparent that this cannot be done without writing lots of code to read the images from the database and then assign them to picture controls on the report. I wasn't sure exactly how to do this so I asked support for an example, but they told me that they did not have a sample program so would not be able to provide me with an example. They did provide me with a report to display a single image read from a file, but this was very different to my requirement.
Michael Mason - DD5 つ星
As one of the developer support techs for ActiveReports 2.0 and ActiveReports for .NET I'd like to answer some of the incorrect information in some of the reviews I have seen here - The Rich Text Box control supports RTF in the 1.0 or wordpad spec (and will handle word wrap functionality). There is also a function to help keep the control on one page called KeepTogether - which is included with most of the controls we have to put on the report surface. Regarding the Excel export - the basic excel export does it's best to mimic the data from the report, however if you need more control you can use the SpreadBuilder option that will allow you to build your own excel document. Regarding the pricing - The major difference between us and other reporting component vendors is our pricing model, which is developer based. (Meaning, if you are an independent developer you only need to buy one license, then you can use the product for any of your customers that you produce reports for). The only time there would be an additional cost that I can think of would be if your client gets access to the source code once the project is complete and you don't maintain it. In that case, your customer would have to buy a license for their own development purposes. However the alternative is per-client licensing, which can become very costly very quickly in all but the smallest reporting environments.
l.a.marcoUSA2 つ星
It has potential, but the tool is not there yet: Missing features, comments on ActiveReports for .NET: - The RichText component does not have a WordWrap option - The RichText component does not have an option to keep the field together on the same page - Export to excel is very awkward, too many columns are genererated / and/or the cell merging is wrong. Syncfusion does a much better job here. - The GUI reporter does not show how a datasource can be bound to the report (it's manual coding)