BSPrinter provides print preview functionality that can be implemented easily in Visual Basic 6 programs. Its dialogs are modern and can make an application look more professional and newer with very little effort. BSPrinter has built-in functions to print MSFlexGrid, MSHFlexGrid and RichTextBox controls with one line of code without requiring a report designer. On Windows 10 it can save PDF files (without user interaction).

BSPrinter Print Preview component for VB6

How it works:

  • BSPrinter component makes a full and direct replacement of the original Microsoft Visual Basic Printer object for printing.
  • It also provides a control that is added to the toolbox from which you can set properties of the dialogs and perform actions (like showing the Print Preview dialog through its ShowPreview function).
  • It is on an OCX file that must be registered on Windows.
  • You can use existing printing code as long as the code is taking...


BSPrinter v1.3.0.444
BSPrinter v1.3.0.444
BSPrinter v1.2
BSPrinter v1.2
BSPrinter v1.0.0.423
BSPrinter v1.0.0.423
BSPrinter v1.0
BSPrinter v1.0
Visual Basic 6で開発するアプリケーションに優れた印刷プレビュー機能を装備

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Component Type
  • ActiveX OCX