About THBCoolCaption

Customize your application's title bar.

THBCoolCaption is an ActiveX component that allows you to add buttons to your title bar, complete with different images for normal, mouse over, and pressed state. You can also add tool tips. It gives you extensive control over the title bar including gradients and background images. THBCoolCaption is a lightweight ATL ActiveX component that does not require any file dependencies.

Whats New in V3.5:

  • Default Buttons added
  • XP Themes now supported

Use the Caption Bar (Title Bar) of your forms as you want. The THBCoolCaption control lets you design the Caption Bar in a very convenient way. You can add a background picture, color gradients, different colors, and different fonts to the caption bar, or add buttons with or without tool tips. Predefined default buttons simulate the original windows min, max and close buttons and it now supports XP themes.

THBCoolCaption control has the following features:

  • Different Style - You can add a background picture, color gradients, different colors for the background and the caption text, use different fonts, or display your company logo in the caption bar
  • Buttons with ToolTips - To add more functionality to the caption bar than just filling up the screen, you can add buttons to the caption bar and assign them different pictures for normal, mouse over and pressed state, with tool tips.
  • Default Buttons - You don't need to design your own buttons, if you like you can choose between many different default buttons. In this way you can simulate the original windows min, max and close buttons. Or you can add a checkbox or radio button to the caption that looks exactly like the system default checkbox or radio button.
  • XP Themes - All the default buttons take care of the new XP themes and their style will automatically change when you change the XP theme.
  • Color Gradients - Use impressive color gradients. You can either use simple 2 color gradients by selecting start and end color and the direction(top-down or left-right) Or you can use extended gradients. These are more colorful and extremely modifiable. To ensure that the gradients are smooth shaded you can select between 3 different halftone modes. All properties can be selected within a convenient user interface.